Friday, May 22, 2009

Merry Month of May

So, here we are, heading into Memorial Day. Earlier in the week, we had frost to the north and west. Didn't get that cold here, but there were temperatures in the 30s. Petunias and million bells didn't care, but the potted daliah has some burn on it.

Iris are blooming, more yellow this year. The daffodils have come and gone. And have been multiplying like crazy, I pulled up a clump by mistake and there were like 6-10 bulbs. I planted those two years ago as single bulbs. Insane.

Peonies are again a no bloom. I'm raising them into partially buried pots this June/July. I just don't think they like the soggy ground. I had to use hip waders in the backyard the other week. It's just that wet back there, especially when we get our April showers in May.

Rhododendrons are actually blooming this year. I think there are about a dozen flower heads. The ones I have just need heavily pruned to bloom, end of story.

Seeds are going to start going out this weekend. There are a few I ordered late and they'll get out by June. I hope to get my tomato plant and in the pot by June 1. I'm not late, if there was a threat of frost last week. I just can't be much later. ;)


ankhorite said...

Re your 2005 entry here, that's pokeweed. Lots of other names, but that one is the most common.

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