Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot Year, Many Changes

Hmm, I don't think I ever mentioned the fence saga that really put me off gardening for the longest time. Long story short, for two years, part of the privacy fence had been precariously leaning. Then in March, the section gave in and fell down. After a bit of back and forth between rental owners, it was taken down.

It's amazing how much a thing like that hanging over you can ruin your enjoyment of your space. And it's amazing how a change like that can really change the garden. Especially once deer can enter the garden at will. So, I had to remove the deer buffet, also known as huge hosta plants. Which opened up a lot of space for now deer resistant plants. Okay, so next year no petunias, except on the deck. And I'll have to rig some bud cages for the peonies. Something ate the one and only peony bud this year.

However, lots of interesting new plantings. Dusty Miller, butterfly bush, weigla and blanket flowers. I even put in a watermelon plant. One watermelon, which unfortunately, came off of the vine too soon. But I did eat most of it. For some reason though, the evening primroses and black-eyed susans were sparse this year.

I have been enjoying being on my patio now. Of course, I was driven in for over a month of extreme heat during the summer. And now that it is finally cool, the light is gone very quickly. And it's chrysanthemum season already.

So, we'll see how the new garden goes. And the blog.