Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flattened Crocus

Well, we've had a swing from lows in the 20s on Tuesday to highs in the 70s yesterday. Ah, March. So, as far as I can tell, the inspection went well. No demerits listed on the sheet that was on my table. In fact, nothing was on the sheet on the table, except for his card. We shall see, I guess.

The purple crocus were flattened by the low temperatures. I can tell this because they were extremely wilted. Like almost disintegrating, wilting. Squirrel butts just don't cause that kind of damage.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Robin Has Landed

The robins are a bit late coming down out of the berry bushes this year. I only just started to see them on the lawns. And it's just a sprinkling of them.

Just days before my annual rental inspection, I caught the mouse. *grumble* The traps will have to be reset after the walk through. I've made progress on the list of things to do. I just need to clear a path to the window in my storage/spare bedroom, clean the spare bathtub of the aquarium grime, fix the leaky toilet, and finish unclogging the garbage disposal. Then in the time remaining, finish straightening up the place.

I did spare some time this weekend during all the little chores to get some weeding in. All sorts of little wild flowers are blooming in places where they're not supposed to be. And I spotted some chives in the yard that need to be moved into the garden.

Another plus, the outdoor chrysanthemum didn't die over the winter. It has some new growth. Yippee!

Full Force Chorus

Meant to be posted on Friday

The little peepers are singing their little hearts out. Granted, the winds sometimes quiet them down.

I saw the surest sign of spring the other day, the grocery store had annuals out for sale. So far, I've resisted. But then, my pansies survived the winter. :)

The purple crocus popped up and are blooming. The daffodils are just starting to open. And some squirrel has wierd ideas about where crocus and daffodil bulbs need to be planted -- the crown of the hydrangea bush!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Warm Weather Fix

Before the weekend turns frigid, we get a few days of temperatures in the 60s. Even with March winds, it's nice to go outside. I spent yesterday afternoon, touching up the paint around the sliding glass door. The wood is taking a beating and the paint just didn't hold up.

Also checked out my backyard garden growth. All seven garlics are doing fine. The ones that had been snipped by the squirrels have over an inch of growth. The tulip bulbs I planted last year and starting to poke up, as are the new daffodils. The new ones are definitely a bit later than the old daffodils, which are budding out. I'll need to clean up the black-eyed susan seed heads so this area is ready for spring.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slowly Developing

Not much going on. Another cold snap. And I've got some bug that suspiciously is mimicing the beginning stages of the flu. It's taunting me.

About all that is getting done is work on my hobby quilt. I say hobby, because the hand stitching is relaxing and it is meant to be portable. But the one inch squares take forever. Then again, it's not like I have more than one bed in my house. But it's getting to the point where I want it done, so I work on it steadily. Down to the last eight.

That's an old picture, but still gives you the idea.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Flood Stage

Let's see if Blogger lets me post this today.

Thursday and Friday were days of torrential downpours. Good for removing the rain deficit, but also good for flooding and knocking over trees in saturated ground. Also, Friday, during one batch of heavy rain, I looked out and saw the most pathetic and bedraggled goldfinch on the feeder sock. Poor wet thing.

The local forsythia are getting ready to bloom. Most are budded out, but a few are actually blooming. The holly bush right outside my door still has a few berries on it, but the buds for the next batch is already there.

It's getting close to time to put out sunflower seeds in the garden. I don't start inside, because I don't have too much luck with transplants. I order from Parks, because they carry my favorite variety, Velvet Queen Sunflowers. And since I was already paying for shipping, I grabbed a couple other packs to scatter about; Petunia Celebrity Red Morning, Petunia Prism Sunshine, and Zinnia Profusion Apricot. I should have picked up a pack of black-eyed susans, just to add variety to what is already in my garden.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Daylight Saving Grumbles

I arrive at work at six in the morning. All winter, this means I look at the night sky. This week, the sky has become a blue on blue tapestry, instead of all black. And the lone day when it was not desperately overcast (or raining), there were hints of purples and pinks in the distant sky.

Unfortunately, my subtle enjoyment of the coming dawn is going to be brutally ended next week. More like next Sunday. When the clocks in the US are turned forward an hour. *sigh* The gently lightening sky will fast forward into the rising sun. Not that dawn itself isn't interesting, but the jolt will be annoying.

And admist the rain this morning, I thought I heard the beginning of the peeper chorus. Spring is on its way.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Silly Birds

Since it was so nice outside last evening, I hung up my hammock chair and read outside. The squirrels tried to frighten me off by giving me heck, but I still wouldn't let them bury their husked walnuts in my peony bed.

The birds were even sillier. There was this one sparrow that siddled through the fence and gave itself a heart attack when it spotted me there. Then it fluttered further down the yard till it came to the shed and sat there, trying to be invisible.

A few birds settled down to clean up the bird seed that fell under the porch and then freaked out when I moved on occasion. Then there were the birds that tried to keep objects between themselves and me while they hunted for loose seed.

The prize was won by a squeaky nuthatch, though. There are at least two out behind my house. One that was chased off of the suet feeder landed on the stair steps to my deck. It fussed about, waiting. Then it spotted me and didn't know what to do. After hopping around on a few of the steps and getting a good look at me, it flew back to one of the trees.

Monday, March 03, 2008

March Roars

March hasn't come in as a lion nor as a lamb. Blustery with roaring winds on Saturday, and temperatures in the 50s yesterday and 60s today. Unfortunately, the nice spring preview is going to be short lived this week.

My crocus are opening up, although it seems a squirrel sat on a few of them and knocked them over. The pink heather is blooming, and the white one isn't that far behind.

Garlic appears to be doing well, but since this is the first year growing it, I don't exactly have a reverence to go by.