Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, there has been a return to summerlike temperatures this week. Unfortunately, that has been balanced out with night time temperatures in the 40s. Brrr. Got to work cold, and come home baking. Ah, spring.

I have two flowers on the rhodie, both buried deep in the bush itself. You can see them if you look hard enough. Same color as the lamium flowers underneath.

The amaryllis is blooming. I really need to take pictures when the sun is at a better angle.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Millions of Millions of Bells

Well, I got the canoe out on the lake today. Saw a blue bird and a tiger swallowtail and two blue herons. It was a beautiful day. Wasn't out for long. There had been a lot of lugging that tired me out, but I wanted to get out on the lake.

I bought a purple million bells, and a peachy cross between million bells and petunia, and two six packs of petunias. I need to get out and plant them at some point. And take pictures. But not now. It's a spectacularly wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Sunny and warm all weekend. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cold Shower Season

Yesterday, I stopped out to pick up sundries and was swayed to bring home some plants. A Roma tomato plant, to replace the previous seedling. Seedling was forgotten while hardening up, and did not exactly approve of cold temperatures, strong winds and deluges. *sigh* And true to form, I picked up a hanging basket of millionbells. Mixed basket of pale yellow, golden yellow and a pinkish red variety. :)

This morning, I mowed my back yard. The grass loves the rain. It even loves living in soupy soil. Unfortunately, that means that I created some muddy spots as water filled in my footsteps in places. *sigh* Hot out there too.

Yellow iris are open now, as are the white Tennessee variety. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

National Ride Your Bike to Work Day

And what a day it is. Steady rain, flood watch, and lots of ponding due to saturated ground. Ah, yes. It was actually the kind of weather that encouraged traffic to slow down.

Still, despite being sick of rain and desiring several days of sun in a row, it is better than the alternative that seems to pop up most days occasions like this. Weather so sunny and hot that we slip into a bad air quality rating.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mid-week Break

Well, we've got a break between the rain drops. Not too sunny, but not raining. It allowed me to get some more photos. Ignore the grass, it loves the rain.

First, some better photos of my iris.

Next up my Julia peony. The hybrid has a lot fancier leaves.

A close up of the bud on the Big Ben peony. This is as much for proof that it was willing to bloom the first year. The stalk with the other bud has died back. Not sure the cause. Doesn't appear to be affecting this one.

And then something dug out a huge hole in my garlic pot. I blame squirrels. I did fill it in after the picture.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soggy Mother's Day

Well, the good news is the drought is ended. Of course, it ended with 5-8 inches of rain over five days, which isn't good for plants either. Lots of trees lost limbs or were uprooted. It also dipped into the 40s for the past two nights. Barely got into the 50s yesterday.

But, I do have plants blooming. In the house even! Snake plant is sending up more flowers. The amaryllis, despite having leaves up the entire time, has sent up a new flower stalk. And the red hibiscus has a bud.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iris Among the Rain Drops

Not the best picture, but then this steady drip drip really defuses the light. Everything else washed out. *wink* The white Tennessee iris aren't all blooming yet for a count, and the yellow ones are a later blooming variety.

Iris count: 12 blue ones, 8 with the maroon edging.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Five Good Things

While I've been ignoring the back yard for a spell, a glance outside registered a bit of blue. My iris! I have five different stalks of blue iris blooming! Too bad the lighting wasn't right for my camera. I should get a new one. But five in bloom, with several more on the way.

Part of one of my peonies seems to have died. Might have been frost damage. Not sure. But there's still plenty of plant left.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I've been sulking for the last few days. And in a gardening quandry. Saturday, I was out cutting my front lawn, or rather the half that grew tall enough for a cut, when the neighbor came out to talk to me. The privacy fence in the back yard is leaning, worse, pulling out of the ground. I figured it was my landlord's, since the neighbor doesn't have privacy fencing. And I figured I could always insert a new post if things got from bad to worse.

But no, it's technically on the neighbor's land, and her responsibility. She wanted to see if I had a more direct route to the landlord than through the agency. I don't, but agreed to forward her complaint.

Eek. My garden. My prize peonies are against that fence. My sunflowers were supposed to be against that fence. Do I plant, or don't I? And will they crush my peonies before they bloom? *sulk* Maybe the landlord will prove unreachable.